We offer a full range of professional dog grooming services and have all the resources needed

with an exceptional and experienced team of groomers

to successfully consult and guide you with all your dogs grooming needs from strategy to completion.

Full-Service Grooming includes everything from head to tail. We start by brushing out their coat to remove all knots and take out excess shedding. Their sanitary area is then shaved and their nails are trimmed. The hair in the ear canal is removed and their ears are cleaned. An in depth scrubbing of their coat with two kinds of shampoos are used to ensure cleanliness and a fresh scent. Their teeth are then brushed and after the dog shakes we towel dry and use a force air dryer with no heating element to ensure a soft fluffy coat. The specific haircut is based upon your dogs breed standard and or your individual style choice. All dogs are then finished with colognes and either a bow or a bandana so they look, feel and smell amazing!

Grooming Pricing is based on your dogs breed and size

Spa Treatment: $12 Includes oatmeal, tar, hypo allergenic or medicated shampoo, conditioner, teeth brushed, anals, glo-coat, hair coloring or nails polished, and decorative gem or feather

Special Bath: $4 to $10 Includes oatmeal, tar, hypo allergenic or medicated shampoo                                    

Flea and Tick Control: $6 to $10  
De-Skunking Treatment: $6 to $10
De-Shedding Treatment: $10 to $15

De-Matting: $5 to $30    

Teeth Brushing: $5

 Anal Glands Expressed: $5

 Face Trim: $10

 Nails Trimmed: $10

Nail Polishing: $8

​​​​​​​Decorative Gems: $5 
or Feathers

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for All Occasions
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